My son is 11 years old and a competitive athlete. He complained recently of having knee and foot pain and I thought it might be a result of his feet, as I have flat feet requiring orthotics. Since Dr. McNeill did such a great job treating my feet, I took my son to see her. Dr. McNeill gave my son a thorough assessment, and of note, she found in Dominic’s foot a bone malformation that if treated now, will not affect him later. What a huge relief! Dr. McNeill computer scanned my son for orthotics (needed to help his feet and knees) and we received them several weeks ago. My son’s been wearing them ever since and now has ZERO knee/foot pain. In fact, he said he’s more willing to push himself (running, jumping, etc.) without fear of injury. On a separate note, Dr. McNeill was very kind to my son and made him feel very comfortable throughout the process. I’ll certainly return to Dr. McNeill with my family for our future needs and trust her implicitly!

Bernie C Sugar Grove, IL