Everybody experiences foot pain at some point or another in their lives.  Because of the changes in our bodies throughout life, some of these pains are predictable and preventable, especially in women.  We also know that some conditions of the feet, while experienced by both sexes, can be problematic more often in women due to anything from shoe-gear to pregnancy to certain activities. 

While taking care of yourself first doesn't come easily to many women, it is vitally important in order to successfully serve the ones we love.  Addressing foot issues as they arise, rather than putting yourself on the back-burner is critical to being able to perform your daily duties - whether it is working a full-time job out of the house during the day and full-time when you get home, running errands and being a full-time mom or getting all that you want out of your yoga class or run.

Here at Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic, you will experience care from women who understand your frustrations and will provide you with the best treatment to keep your feet in top shape for whatever your life may throw your way!  Call our office today!