You probably came to this page because you have at least one troublesome or ugly toenail. Maybe it's yellow, thick and crumbly or possibly just a little thick and darkened. Quite possible it's not even your nail but your moms, dads, husbands?

Fungal nails start as an infection deep under the nail in the nail bed. We have all seen the commercials with that little ugly guy hiding out under the nail all comfy and cozy, right? That's why it is difficult to treat because the thick nail actually covers the infection and to some degree, protects it from your attempts to rid your body of the infection. Whatever treatment you choose it must get to that nail bed!

Most commonly, patients worry it’s a hygiene issue. It's NOT! Fungus naturally occurs on all skin and it's opportunistic, if it has a chance to find a home it will and under a nail is perfect. 

At our practice, we offer multiple treatment options ranging from topical medicine to nail removal to a cosmetic procedure that can actually make your nails look good while they are healing.

While it’s certainly not a life or death situation, fungal nails are a nuisance. We want our nails to look pretty, maybe polish them and wear a cute pair of sandals. Or maybe you want to stop hiding them at the pool. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, we see it all the time and we can find a treatment plan that is right for you!