Let me guess you're a mom, dad, or a grandparent who is concerned about your little one?
You have Googled it and maybe tried a few home remedies or rest, but the problem is still hanging around. Are you asking one of the following questions?

  • Why is my son limping after soccer?
  • Why is my little ballerina forming a bump on her big toe?
  • Why does my child's calf hurt when walking or at night? 
  • I think my daughter has a wart, what do I do?
  • Are flat feet normal?

Maybe you have a different question, but no matter, you have come to the right place! The problem with most kid's foot injuries is that we never know when it's really something. Kids have lots of aches, pains and little injuries. I'll let you know a little secret... they are usually real. You will find on this page that most problems can be given a few days (even a few weeks in the case of warts and funny looking nails) and if they don't improve with some basic treatments they need to be seen by a doctor who knows how to treat kid's feet.

Our doctors are well trained in treating kid's feet (which are much different than adults by the way) and enjoy seeing kids and their parents.  More important, our doctors are moms themselves. All of them having kids with their share of injuries and foot issues. You can trust the care of your kids with our doctor "moms".

Remember this, foot pain is never normal - even for your little ones. Here is some more information from the APMA about foot pain in little ones. When you're ready for an appointment, just give us a call at 630-834-3668 or click the button below to get started!


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