Many people experience joint pain and whether it be in your big toe joint, knees, hips or ankle, it all is due to an inflammatory response that is beginning (or sometimes very advanced) in that area. Our joints, especially those of the lower extremity undergo immense day to day stresses! When walking and running 3-5 times your body weight is transmitted through the bones and joints.  That's enough to make any of them succumb to injury.   

It's important to keep your joints healthy which can be done through hydration, including non-impact activities in your exercise regimen, wearing supportive shoes and correcting the imbalances and improper position of the joints with custom orthotics.  

Surprisingly many patients experience knee and hip pain solely because of how their foot is contacting the ground. Many people don't realize how simple it is to fix, and thus end up with a much worse condition by waiting to seek care. 

Call our office if you are suffering from joint pain.  We will get you on the road to recovery and pain free activity!