Do you have pain in your heels first thing in the morning? Do you have heel pain at the end of a long day? If so, are you wondering why is this happening, and how do you get rid of it?  The answer to these questions can be found right here at Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic. 

Heel pain is most commonly caused by something called plantar fasciitis. There is a band of tissue, called the plantar fascia, that runs from your heel, across the arch of your foot, and into the ball of your foot and the base of your toes.  When this tissue stretches out and becomes inflamed, it causes the aching or stabbing pain you may feel. It commonly occurs first thing in the morning as the tissue is stretched upon your first few steps and the pain may subside as you continue about your day.  When you sit at your desk or drive in your car then stand up and walk again, the initial pressure on the foot stretches out this fascia and again causes pain.

Why do you have this heel pain? Many times, it occurs due to overuse, a change in shoes, a new activity, or an increase in activity.  It often occurs in people who have very low or very high arches.  It may also be caused by prolonged standing or walking with non supportive shoes. Due to the lack of arch support, the plantar fascia is stretched out when standing or walking which causes pain. It may also occur in athletes due to over-training or the lack of arch support in their shoes causing the fascia to stretch, become irritated, and cause pain where the fascia inserts into the heel.

It is important that the heel pain has a proper diagnosis, as it could actually be other ailments such as Achilles tendinitis, a heel spur, bursitis, or equinus (tight calf muscle) or a combination of these. At Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic, we will diagnose your problem and treat you with our tried and true treatment protocols that will enable you to get back to your activities as soon as possible and PAIN FREE!