One of the most common complaints we see at Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic is due to issues with the big toe. The dreaded bunion is probably the biggest among these. We find, however, that patients often misdiagnose themselves and often their issue is not a bunion at all.  

Pain under the ball of the foot can be caused by bony abnormalities such as bunions, hammertoes, and joint degeneration. It can also be caused by the soft tissue like capsulitis/bursitis (an inflamed joint), neuroma (over grown nerve), or bursitis (an inflamed fluid sack).  

It is important that you come in for a full examination, x-rays and sometimes we even recommend advanced testing such as an MRI or Ultrasound to determine the extent of the problem. Many patients put off coming in because they are worried that they need surgery or that treatment will be painful. I can assure you that coming in sooner rather than later will be the best way to speed up your recovery and limit the treatments you need to undergo.  

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