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Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Podiatry Clinic Offers a Full Range of Podiatric Services

Our team members help patients with a broad range of podiatric concerns, such as warts, heel pain, ugly toenails, and bunions. We also offer specialized services for runners. Learn more about our practice here.

Heel PainHeel Pain

Heel pain can be caused by a variety of conditions. In this section we have information about the most common causes of heel pain, and treatments that we use to reduce and eliminate this very bothersome condition.


Tendinitis is an inflammation that can cause pain and therefore reduced activity levels. We are here to diagnose and treat your tendinitis to get you moving again and back to the activities you love. 

Bumps and BunionsBumps and Bunions

Bunions, Hammertoes, bumps and other toe issues can be very bothersome. Don't let them slow you down! Relief and answers are just a phone call away. Find information here about bunions, hammertoes and other bumps and how we treat them in our office. 


Fractures, sprains, bruises, cuts and many other injuries are conditions our doctors see every day. Whether an injury is sustained through sports, daily life or is related to another underlying condition, our doctors are ready to help their patients heal and get back to their active lifestyles. Here you will find information related to injury types of problems.

Joint PainJoint Pain

Joint pain in the lower extremities can be caused by a variety of conditions including inflammation, gout, foot structure, arthiritis and more. Getting the right diagnosis is the first step toward living without joint pain in your feet and legs! We are here to help navigate from diagnosis to treatment and then to preventing joint pain from returning.  

Troublesome ToenailsTroublesome Toenails

Toenail problems are more common than most people think and whether your nail is discolored, too thick, injured or even missing, we can diagnose the problem and provide treatments to get your toenails looking and feeling great. Find information here on common toenail conditions and then call us for an appointment.

Warts  Skin ConditionsWarts & Skin Conditions

Warts are another very common condition that we treat daily in our practice. Our doctors use a painless procedure, and have you do a little homework, to get rid of warts in about 4 treatments! Find more information here.

Orthotics and ShoesOrthotics and Shoes

Custom orthotics are an important treatment used to reduce pain and inflammation for many conditions. We use a method to create your custom orthotics that yields the best results for our patients. Find more information about our custom orthotics here.

Treatment InfoTreatment Info

FAQ's and Treatment Packages available at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic.  We have laser to treat fungal nails, and Amniofix and EPAT for musculoskeletal pain.

Womens Foot HealthWomen's Foot Health

Women's feet endure some problems more frequently and differently than others. All of our physicians are women and mothers and they understand the daily demand on your feet, and the neccessity of keeping your feet healthy. Find more information here about the unique health needs of women's feet. 


The runner's foot is truly the heart and soul of their sport, and at PPFAC, we understand how important it is for your feet to be in tip top shape to keep you doing what you love. If you’re visiting this page you must be a runner, or maybe you are wanting to try out running and are wondering how you keep yourself healthy while doing it. Get more information for running here.

Kids FeetKids Feet

Is your little one suffering from foot pain? Is the shape of their foot concerning you? Little feet can have big problems, but the doctors and staff at PPFAC are here to take care of your little one's foot needs and to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we know that sometimes children can be scared to go to the doctor, but rest assured, our office provides a warm and welcoming environment so that we can help you and them without adding undo stress!

Diabetes and your feetDiabetes and your feet

Are you a diabetic? Does someone you love have diabetes? At PPFAC, we pride ourselves in being a Diabetes Center of Excellence. We provide throrough exams and diagnosis of any diabetes-related conditions and we also have a full line of diabetic shoes. Our trained staff provides excellent assistance to make sure you have the right shoes for your unique needs.