• Oak Park, IL
  • 965 W Lake St.,
    Oak Park, IL 60301

Just as you've come to expect the best in care at our Elmhurst office, we have expanded to offer the same in Oak Park! 

When you or someone in your family is suffering from foot or ankle pain, you may not think of seeing a podiatrist. Instead, you might try the foot care aisle at your local pharmacy or make an appointment with your general practitioner. However, when you visit Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic in Elmhurst, you will see right away what a difference it makes to work with a health care provider who is dedicated to foot and ankle concerns. We can quickly diagnose your problem and work with you to create a treatment plan that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Our Oak Park office is located conveniently across the street from Urgent Care, so that we can quickly and easily access X-rays if needed. We specialize in sports and running injuries, children's foot concerns, and heel pain at this location. We also make the very best custom orthotics! 

We offer appointments through the same phone number as always, 630-834-FOOT! Call us today!