Posted on Sep 06, 2013

Last year I was lucky enough to receive my Coast to Coast Medal by completing both the Disney Marathon in January AND the Disneyland half marathon over labor day weekend.  This year I was so excited as Disney introduced the Inagural Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare!  This is a 10K on Saturday followed by the Half Marathon on exciting.  

I think approximately 5,000 runners finished the challenge, but one runner stands out!  She is an 81 year old runner who honestly doesn't look a day over 55!  WOW...she is my new IDOL.  

Check out this link below and BE INSPIRED!! 

81 years of Inspriration

Whether you are 18 or 81....if a foot or ankle injury is keeping you from being active and healthy, stop in and see us! Maybe you can be our next motivational story! 

Run Happy--Dr Misty

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