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Does exercise change my body? Yes -it can actually change your DNA

Posted on Mar 01, 2015

We all know that exercise and healthy eating is good for our long term health.  It decreases high blood pressure, keeps us from diabetes, and is good for our hearts and cardiovascular system and staves off high blood pressure.  However, recent studies show that exercise can actually change your genetic makeup.  How's that for an investment in your health?  Scientists know that certain genes are activated or are quieted due to exercise, and after a certain amount of time, your body responds by actually changing its makeup.  This is a reason why your body "remembers" and has muscle memory.  So even if you haven't run or played tennis or another competitive sport for a while, it will be easier than you think to get back into it.  Your body at one time had that perfect form, and it easily goes back to that form.  Exercise is important, and that can only happen if your feet are pain free and injury free.  Before starting an exercise program, see your primary care doctor, but it may also benefit you to give our doctors a visit as well.  Our doctors will check your foot health, discuss the right shoes for you,  and help you get on your way to exercising and leading a healthy lifestlye.   For more information on how exercises affects your DNA, click here.  

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