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D. Rose with an ankle sprain - playing it smart

Posted on Nov 03, 2014

For you Bulls fans out there, and I certainly count myself as one of them, we all heard a collective "gasp" when we saw D. Rose land after a jump shot and limp off the court favoring his right foot, unable to bear weight on the left ankle.  But after Xrays were negative for a fracture, he then wramed up for the next game and is a maybe for Tuesday's game.  He played it smart - rest until you find out how bad the injury is, otherwise you could make it worse.  When is it the right time to stay off of an ankle, and when is it right to keep playing?  For more information on ankle injuries, click here.  If you have an ankle injury, the best thing to do is stay off of it, ice, elevate.  if it is not better within 48 hours, a visit to our office can give you an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan.  Let's see if D. Rose continues to play it smart and heal this ankle injury to get back on the court!

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