1. They are caused by a virus. The same type of virus causes all types of warts.

2. Your hygiene doesn't have anything to do with it.   It occurs due to the right environment... a certain pH of the skin, small cuts in the skin, or sweaty feet. 

3. They are contagious not only on you, but also to those who share your floors.  We recommend that our patients check the entire family. 

4. The virus lives in your shoes. Dark, damp, what's not to love! You must treat all your shoes. 

5. It rarely goes away with over the counter meds. If you are going to try them, limit it to two weeks. Then see a podiatrist. 

6. Treatment doesn't have to hurt! They don't need to be burned off or cut out.  Our treatment is relatively painless.  I have done it on both my boys!

7.  Foot warts are a whole breed of their own. You cannot treat them the same as those on the hand or elsewhere on the body. 

Many patients are shocked at how simple and effective or treatment is!  There's no need to be worried or scared...a few visits with us and you will be rid of those little (or not so little) guys! 

Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic