So after I finished the Chicago Marathon a little over 2 years ago, I said, "one and done!"  I was a bit burned out of running and turned to alternative forms of exercise.  However as time went on, the calling has come again to go back to running after I remembered all the reasons why I loved doing it in the first place.  But since I took so much time off, I felt that I had to "start" from he begining again.  So thinking back to what helped me when I was considered a new runner, I felt like I had to go through that again as I felt like a new(er) runner again.  Some tips I remember and will plan to repeat:

1. Invest in the right pair of running shoes.  It is definitely worth it to go to a runing specialty store and spend the time (and money) to be fitted with the appropriate pair.  And no, it is not acceptable to choose a pair just because your friend bought them and liked them or you like the color!

2.  Set achievable goals.  Be realistic!  Give yourself ample time in your training to reach those goals. Break down your goals into daily, weekly, or monthly goals, especially when training for a race. 

3.  It is OK to walk/run as well.  In fact, it is about the mileage you cover, not the speed.  Once you are a seasoned runner, you can set speed goals, but as a beginner, concentrate on completing the distance, even if you have to slow down or even walk at times. Increase your mileage gradually.  

4.  Keep a running log.  Write it down, or you will forget.  You think you may remember, but it is human nature to think you did something, if you can't be sure, you should write it down and look back at it.  It also reinforces your goals that you have attained.

5. Cross train.  Yes it is important to log the miles, but cross training will allow you to work on your core and endurance in other ways, which will actually improve your running. 

6.  Remember, you are a runner! If you want to be a runner, you will be.  And if you run, you are a runner. 

If you are a runner that can't run due to foot pain, then make an appointment with one of our doctors.  We will get you back to running in no time!