What is MLS Laser?

blue and white machine shining red laser on woman's lower legWe are so excited that you have chosen to visit our website to learn more about our MLS Laser Therapy! Our laser is a dual-waved synchronized fully robotic MLS Laser and uses specific wavelengths of infrared light that have a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema (anti-swelling) effect on tissues that are exposed to the laser in a safe, PAINLESS, and non-invasive way. As a result of the MLS Laser therapy, the cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles regenerate and repair themselves faster. In simple terms, laser energy kick-starts the healing process, thereby speeding recovery.

Are you ready for the best news? There are no known side-effects! That's right, it is a treatment option that works, is cleared by the FDA and unlike medications, has no other effects on the body!​

The benefits of MLS Laser Therapy include:​

  • Rapid reduction of pain
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced healing time​

Here at PPFAC, we use MLS Laser Therapy to treat: 

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Fractures
  • Neuropathy (click here to read all about the special care we provide for our Neuropathy patients)
  • Wounds
  • Post-Surgical healing
  • and MORE!

We are proud to be be able to offer this new technology to our community. We have invested in MLS because we truly believe that foot pain shouldn't slow you down and we want to provide every medical option to get you back to the activities that you love!

Who should use MLS Laser?

The first step to finding out if MLS Laser Therapy is right for you is to make an appointment with one of our Drs. They will evaluate your foot pain and create a custom treatment plan just for you. If MLS is a good match (we use it for more than the list above), we will set you up with your appointments right away. ​​​

pink pill bottle with white pills spilled out and a gray circle with slash over them

Because no medicines are needed, this is a great option for patients who are trying to avoid medications, no matter the reason! In fact, this is one of the best things about MLS Laser - It actually REDUCES the amount of medication you will need for your pain management and in some cases eliminates the need for pain medication altogether!​

Why is MLS Laser better than other treatment options?


MLS laser therapy is non-invasive, meaning that there is no break in the skin or damage to the skin. In fact, when using the robotic arm, the MLS Laser stays approximately 8 inches away from the skin.

The fact that MLS is non-invasive is great for those wanting to heal without down-time, as there is no need to rest after a treatment. In fact, you can schedule your appointments during your lunch break so that it doesn't take extra time out of your day!


MLS laser therapy is unique among laser treatments in that is is neither hot nor cold and most users feel absolutely no sensation. This means the treatments for pain are also Pain-free!

No Known Side Effects

MLS Laser Therapy has been on the market since 2009, and to this day, there are no known side effects. MLS Laser Therapy is safe. 

How long do MLS Laser Therapy sessions take? 

black and white analog clock showing 11:59Treatments typically take about 10 -30 minutes, depending on the condition(s) being treated and the number of sites your Doctor determines to be in need of treatment. In some cases a little more time is required, but you will know ahead of time exactly how much time to set aside for your treatments.

How much does MLS Laser cost?

We offer therapy sessions in a variety packages, but when broken down by session they average about the same as a co-pay for a regular office visit. The reason we sell them as packages is because the benefits of laser therapy are additive, meaning each session builds on the last one and maximum benefits are seen after at least 6 sessions and sometimes even 12 sessions are needed for maximum relief. Please be aware that while MLS Laser is FDA approved, it is not covered by Insurance.

We can't tell you here the exact cost of your therapy sessions because we create custom treatment plans based on the specifics of your pain, so there is not a "one price fits all" quote. However, typical acute pain treatments cost $299 for 6 sessions and chronic pain treatments cost $499 for 12 sessions. Neuropathy patients require a different type of treatment plan. Please refer to the Neuropathy page for more specific information.

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How do I get started with MLS Laser?

The first step is to make an appointment with one of our Doctors. During your evaluation appointment, your doctor will determine whether or not MLS therapy is a good option for you. ​Click the button below to get started!!