Diabetic patients are well educated on the dangers of high blood sugar. However, low blood sugars, or hypoglycemia, can be an immediate danger if not cared for.  Hypoglycemia may occur in a patient who takes insulin and forgets to eat or if a person takes too much insulin by mistake.   People without diabetes may even experience low blood sugars if they haven't eaten in a long time or are exercising without enough fuel, or energy in the form of sugar, to burn.  Some symptoms your blood sugar may be too low:

  • feeling shaky or unsteady and unable to stand
  • feeling weakness or drowsiness, so much so that you feel you cannot think straight or keep awake
  • sweaty palms and/or nausea
  • anxiety or irritability which may come on suddenly

If you are experiencing any of these, it may be an indication that your blood sugar is too low.  According to the American Diabetes Association, when in doubt, treat.  The best treatment is any form of sugar, such as a juice or a piece of hard candy or crackers.  Many diabetics may carry a glucose tablet with them.  

The best form of prevention is awareness, and being knowledgeable about the dangers of low blood sugars will keep you aware in case you are suspecting something wrong.  Remember, when in question, treat! Just as when you have any question about your diabetic foot care needs, visit us at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic and after a thorough exam, we can put your mind at ease.