We get asked all the time when shoes are supposed to be replaced and as practitioners, we are asking, how often do you replace your shoes?  Everyone has their preference of when a shoe is “worn”, but I can assure you when your shoes have holes in them, they are WAAAY beyond worn out!

There are several things to take into account when deciding when your shoes need to get the boot!

  • Look at the BOTTOM of your shoes! The tread wear is a great indicator you may be wearing old shoes – most often the outside heel area will be worn, sometimes all the way down to the midsole.
  • Are you still growing? Kids tend to not complain of tight shoes, so make it a good habit to be checking your kiddos shoes every season to make sure they have not outgrown them.
  • Body Weight – shoe manufacturers don’t care about your weight, they care about your shoe size.  Shoe materials are made to make sure they can support everyone, but a person weighing 200 pounds is going to wear out their shoes faster than someone weighing 125 pounds…that’s an extra 150 pounds of pressure with every step!
  • Shoe Donning Technique – we’ve all been yelled at by mom to untie our shoes when we are putting them on and off because we’re ruining the backs of our shoes. This is not an old-wives-tale and I’ve got to side with mom on this one; by putting on your shoes properly, it actually does extend the life of the shoe.
  • How many steps have you taken in them? I replace my gym shoes about once every 3-4 months because I wear them 5 days a week, but I can honestly say I’ve never thrown out a pair of high heels because I wore them out.  The more you wear your shoes, the more frequent they will need to be replaced.

If all else fails and you can’t seem to remember to replace your shoes, we carry a small device that fits under the insole of your shoe and tracks the life of the shoe called the Mino. Show your feet a little love and support and don’t wait until your big toe is popping out to replace your shoes!