If you have tried everything else - MLS laser may be for you

With everything that is being offered through other practices, you may be tired or weary of the same old options and are looking for something different. You have heard of the normal avenues for healing and reduction of pain, and those may or may not work. However, there are other non-invasive alternatives that will still allow you to reduce inflammation, increase healing, and get out of pain, and this is where MLS laser comes in. 
Image of a person's hands holding another person's foot under the head of the MLS laser machineMLS laser stands for Multiwaved Locked System. It works with two different specific wavelengths - one focusing on an anti-inflammatory effect and the other focuses on a therapeutic and analgesic (pain reducing) effect. It is non-invasive, painless, and has little to no side effects. The light penetrates tissue depth up to 3-4 centimeters, and the two different wavelengths work in a synnergistic manner to deliver the most therapy while avoiding any thermal damage to the tissues. This unique FDA cleared combination of continuous and pulsed light emissions allow this laser to work efficiently and distinguishes it from other class IV lasers.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

As your body experiences injury, one of the effects is edema, or swelling. The MLS laser specifically works to reduce this swelling. The analgesic effect may be immediate as some patients experience, but it is also additive, meaning that as you progress in your sessions, you feel the benefits of this laser therapy more and more.  In addition, it works to enhance the lymphatic system, which is responsible for lymphatic drainage contributing to edema and swelling. Many of our patients cannot take oral medications due to reactions with other medications, allergies to medications, or personal preference to stay away from oral medications. Since MLS has an analgesic effect, you may also be able to stay away from NSAIDs (non-steroidal antininflammatory drugs) or narcotics and instead allow your body to heal with the help of the MLS laser.

It works to increase circulation to the areaimage of the MLS Laser - a blue and white tall, thin machine with a grey head and is on wheels

After an injury or chronic condition that causes pain,  your vessels tend to undergo vasoconstriction. The laser causes the opposite, or vasodilation, increasing the diameter of the capillaries and angiogenesis of blood vessels, all leading to increased blood flow to the affected area. As the laser increases blood flow to the area, your own body's blood cells are finally able to reach their target areas. Light energy penetrates the cells at the cellular level and stimulates the cells power house, the mitochondria, to produce more building blocks, or ATP. As the light energy stimlates at the inter-cellular level, your body speeds up its own natural healing process of repairing damaged cells. This work of the cells to repair themselves, allows you to feel relief of pain as the healing process proceeds and ultimately completes itself. Additionally, the increased turnover of cells rapidly reduces cellular waste also leading to improved healing. Lastly, it stimulates fibroblast development, which makes up collagen, the building blocks of tissue repair in wounds and soft tissue injuries.

Is it painful?

The best part about this treatment plan is that is is pain-free. You may feel some warmth at the time of the light application, however this is transient and minimal. In addition, since it is light shining on your skin, it is non-invasive. This is a welcome change from other treatment options which can be painful.

How often do I need to come in?The MLS laser shining red laser light on the back of the lower leg of a woman

Most sessions last 10-15 minutes, depending on the area of treatment and if it is one foot or both feet (or one ankle or both ankles.) We recommend at least 1 day between sessions, which leads you to come in two to three times a week. We do not recommend having the treatments two days in a row because it is necessary to give your body time to repair itself and heal at the cellular level. Having at least a day between treatments will allow this to occur. 

Can I use it in conjunction with other treatments?close up view of the gray head of the laser shining a red laser on the top of the ankle of a woman's foot.

Since it is noninvasive, painless, and has little to no side effects, this can be used in conjunction with other treatments. As you and your doctor determine your treatment program, they will be sure to incorporate the MLS laser treatments with your treatment plan. For example, some of our patients have great success with physical therapy or bracing or immobilization, and MLS can be incorporated into these treatment plans.

What about wound healing or after surgery?

All of the elements discussed above regarding pain and edema reduction work at the cellular level. This is absolutely also applicable for open wounds. The mose important aspect of the MLS laser is the increase in circulation to the wound. As long as the wound is not infected, it is shown time and time again that the MLS laser will help heal wounds faster. In fact, our post-op patients use the MLS laser for overall faster healing; it heals the bone after a bone cut and hardware placement in the bone, it decreases post-operative swelling, and it also improves the surface incision to decrease time for the skin wound to heal. It works to close wounds quickly and works to reduce scar tissue both on the surface and to the deep tissues, especially important post-surgically.

Neuropathy patients finally have an option

If you have neuropathy, or increased numbness, tingling, or discomfort due to nerve pain, then there is finally a solution for you. Neuropathy may have been caused by diabetes, which is the most common cause, or from other factors such as post-chemotherapy, due to alcohol or other drug use (prescription or other), or sometimes it is idiopathic - which means it is of unkown cause. Our patients no longer have to rely on ora lmedications or narcotics for pain relief. Our office has a specific protocol for neuropathy that is a little more extensive and more involved that just the few times a week, however the treatment is tried and true as shown by our patients who have finally found something to keep their neuropathic pain and discomfort at bay.

a person sitting on the ground wearing gray pants and white tennis shoes holding their ankle as if in painIf you have tried other treatment options but are still in pain and you are looking for a non-invasive, painless treatment, then look no further than MLS Laser therapy. This cutting edge technology is waiting for you. For more information, check out our page answering the most-commonly asked questions!