We all know to be on the lookout when visiting a nail salon.  Make sure the salon uses proper sanitary habits such as cleaning with disinfectant between clients, using instruments that are autoclaved/ sterilized, and using single use disposable files.  But the best way to prevent a fungal infection is to make sure you bring your own base coat and nail polish. That way, you are sure not to use a nail polish applicator that has touched other women's infected nails, only to be resealed and sitting on a shelf.  At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle, we carry Dr.'s Remedy nail polish.  It is formaldehyde free, toluene free, and acetone free.  It contains ingredients that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  Even our Dr.'s Remedy nail polish remover is one of the top 10 chosen by beauty bloggers! Our doctors and staff believe in all the products we carry, and this product is on our toes at all times.