When you make an appointment with one of our doctors, we ask you to bring a list of current medications that your are taking.  In fact, every physician you are seeing should have a current list of medications, for your own protection.  When our doctors see you,  they will perform a thorough exam including a detailed history.  Part of the medical history includes going over the list of medications and allergies.  This is important in the evaluation, as it gives the doctors an idea of the health or other factors that may be contributing to your condition.  In addition, depending on your diagnosis, the doctor may need to prescribe a new medication and it is important to take your current medications into account in case of overlap or interractions.  If you do have a foot problem, don't delay in making an appointment at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, and be rest assured that our doctors will take all your medications and medical history into account in planning a treatment protocol for you.