One of the long term side effects of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which can include decrease feeling at the tips of your fingers and toes.  If you are wearing a shoe that is ill fitting and you cannot feel it, the top of the shoe may rub against your toes or other bony prominences causing a break in skin or a sore.  If you cannot feel this sore due to peripheral neuropathy, then there is danger of an infection or a long term open wound that is slow to heal.  In addition, many diabetics have poor circulation, so if there is  break in skin due to tight shoes, the lack of blood flow may cause a delay in wound healing.  So in fact, it does matter what type of shoes you wear.  Visit our Diabetes Center of Foot Excellence at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle and our doctors will do a full assessment on the condition of  your feet.  You may even qualify for our Medicare diabetic shoe program, which can be determined by our doctors.