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Why do I need orthotics for both feet if only one foot hurts?


Orthotics, or inserts in your shoes, will help correct biomechanical abnormalities in your gait and will help support your feet.  This support and correction will prevent pain from returning in your injured foot, but it is good for your unaffected foot as well!   After all, we want the biomechanics of both feet to perform efficiently.  The support allows all of your tendons and ligaments function smoothly.  Plus, if the orthotic is only used for the foot that is affected, a 1/8 inch height increase due to the insert in one shoe may seem negligible to the naked eye but your body can detect length discrepancies that may affect your gait. It is best to always even out both right and left sides.  So do your feet a favor and embrace those orthotics on both feet.  It will do them good!  As you can see below, this is a picture of my orthotics.  I use them to prevent my left heel pain, or plantar fasciitis, from recurring.  They have served me well!