For a healing sore, or ulcer, the area must be "off-loaded" or deweighted.  A special shoe such as a surgical shoe or sometimes even a special offloading boot that your doctor may prescribe for you will do just that. These devices will decrease pressure and irritation that contributed to the formation of the sore in the first place.  In addition, the lack of pressure will also promote healing in the area that is affected.  Sometimes it may be accompanied by a below knee cast, a wheelchair,  or crutches - whatever it takes to make sure there is no pressure on the affected site. In addition, your doctor may prescribe special wound healing dressings to enhance the healing. In addition, once that sore is healed, our doctors discuss proper shoes and inserts to prevent recurrence.  If you think you may have a sore or see a spot on your foot that you are concerned about, make an appointment to see one of our doctors and Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic and we can evaluate the problem and start you on your path to healing right away.