Whether you have a sore from a diabetic wound or ulcer, or a wound or opening in your foot due to an injury or procedure, it is important to wear the surgical shoe that is dispensed by your podiatrist.  The shoe has a rocker bottom sole in order to help with walking, and has velcro across the top of the foot and ankle with an open toe.  The shoe allows for even distribution of weight so if there is a sore on the bottom of the foot, any areas of increased pressure will be alleviated.  It is important to wear the shoe as directed and as long as the doctor has prescribed; don't walk barefoot or change shoe gear without the doctors directions!  For more information about diabetic foot wounds, visit our diabetic foot info page.  It is just one part of the treatment plan that your doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic have come up with in order to heal your wound in the quickest time possible.