Compression stockings may have been recommended by your doctor for a variety of reasons.  These stockings may help prevent the worsening of edema, or swelling, that occurs in the lower extremity.  They are made of strong elastic that is graded, which means it may have a stronger pressure towards the toes and may become less constrictive as it goes up the leg.  As the elastic compresses the leg, it increases pressure on the veins and helps improve the efficiency of the valves as they return blood to the heart against gravity.  By compressing the legs, the blood is forced through its channels, causing more blood to flow back to the heart and less fluid pooling at the ankles.  And as a result, less swelling in your legs.  If you feel that your feet or ankles may be swelling, make an appointment with the doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle. It may be the best thing you can do for your feet!