Beginning a different workout routine of any kind can bring to light pains or weaknesses that we otherwise would not have noticed.  With yoga and hot yoga becoming increasingly popular, many people are grabbing their mats and towels and stretching parts of their body that they have never noticed they even had before!

Arthritis in the big toe joint in some instances can be improved by stretching and in others it can become aggravated.  People with professions that require a lot of squatting or bending the big toe joint usually already know when they start to develop arthritis because they are constantly trying to move a joint that has limited motion.  In many other people, their day-to-day activities don't require excessive motion in the big to joint.  So, it is for that reason that some people start yoga and begin to notice pain in the big toe joint (and others).  Yoga, by nature, is about elongating your body and involves a lot of stretching and poses.  Some of these poses do require a great deal of motion in the big toe joint and if your foot type is one that predisposes you to jamming of the big toe joint, these poses and exercises will cause some pain.

Typically, yoga instructors can help you modify exercises to not cause pain.  If you want yoga to be part of your daily routine and your big toe is keeping you from meeting your fitness goals, contact our office today about options for treatment!