As you can imagine the later office hours are extremely sought after by both school aged children and our patients who work 9-5. If you are having difficulty getting a later appointment here are some suggestions:

-Have lunch with us  We do have appointments during school lunch and often have parents bring the lunches along. It's fine by us! We will also do our best to get you in and out and back to school promptly.

- The early bird gets the worm... Or rather the quickest appointment of the day!  While our doctors try to run on time all day, they are always on time during the first hour of the day. You can be headed back to school before first period is over.

- Make the appointment in advance  We realize with more urgent matters this isn't possible, but if your child needs a follow up appointment or series of treatments; make those appointments before leaving the office. That is the best chance to secure all evening appointments.

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