Swelling in your feet can be due to a number of reasons:

-  It could be trauma to the area, which needs immediate attention to make sure there is no fracture or sprain.  

- It could be an infection.  Swelling in the toe that can travel to the foot or redness and swelling near an open wound can indicate an infection, which can cause swelling and pain. This also needs immediate attention. 

- It could be due to gout.  A red, hot, swollen big toe joint (gout occurs most commonly in the big toe joint) can indicate an active gouty attack.  If this happens, medical attention is needed. Your doctor may order a uric acid blood test to rule this out. 

-It could be due to diet.  Many of our patients are sensitive to sodium retention, and this can manifest itself in a swollen foot or ankle. 

-It could be due to venous circulation.  If you have circulation issues, especially on the venous side or vericose veins, it is important to speak with your doctor regarding compression stockings and if this could help you.

- It could be due to a medical issue such as heart disease where oral medications are needed to help decrease the swelling in the foot and ankles.  Speak to your PCP or cardiologist regarding this issue. 

-It could be due to a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis/blood clot in the leg.  The swelling in the foot and ankle can go along with pain int he calf, redness up the leg, and shortness of breath.  This is a medical emergency and you need to contact your doctor and you may be sent to the Emergency Room to rule this out. 

Regardless, swelling in the feet should be addressed!  Contact our office to make an appointment to have your feet evaluated.