The answer to this question is dependent on the severity of your particular injury.  In very mild ankle sprains, it is possible to start running again after 1-2 weeks, but it is typically recommended that at this time a brace is worn for extra support and that you start running a shorter distance to ensure you don't overdo it.  If a severe ankle sprain has been experienced, it may be closer to a month or 6 weeks until running is recommended - as it will be recommended that home or structured physical therapy is completed to restore appropriate ankle function and strength to prevent re-injury.  In instances where an ankle sprain has led to a fracture in the ankle - whether this is treated surgically or non-surgically, you should plan to be out of running for 8 week - 3 months. 

More specific questions about returning to your normal activities can be answered in the office, so don't hesitate to call!  To learn more about ankle sprains, please read our article, All about ankle sprains!