Leg and foot cramps affect all walks of life, from active athletes to those with a sedentary lifestyle.  The causes may be different, as the treatments.  Some ways to relieve the pain include:

-Hydration -  Increase sweating after activity may leave an imbalance in essential minerals in the blood stream, and hydrating will help restore that imbalance.

-Change in medication - Certain medications list leg cramps as a known side effect.  Speak with your doctor about the medication. 

-Have your blood flow checked in your legs - If the onset of cramps in your legs coincides with walking a certain distance and relieved by dangling your legs, this may indicate arterial problem.  If you have any varicose veins, it may indicate a venous problem.  

- Massage - Massaging the area will help soreness caused by micro tears in the muscle, which may cause the muscle to cramp in the first place.

-Rest, icing, stretching - simple actions can provide a significant amount of relief

All of these remedies may work, but a visit to our doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic may help prevent further occurrences.  And if these remedies do not work, our doctors may recommend anti inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or our newest and most promising treatment EPAT (extracorporeal pulse activation treatment).