We see tons of patients after they rolled or twisted their ankle. In the moment, it's hard to even keep track of what's going where and afterwards you find yourself trying to see what hurts and what doesn't. If you roll your ankle, it may be a a minor sprain, it may be a severe sprain, it may even have caused a fracture or a few fractures. If you roll your ankle while walking, but you don't fall down and you are able to bear weight on your foot, icing, elevating and using your most supportive shoe consistently for a couple days may help a lot. If you notice a lot of swelling, ANY amount of bruising, or you cannot put weight on your foot, icing and elevating is important, but calling for an evaluation ASAP is imperitive. A simple set of x-rays taken at our office helps to determine the extent of damage and in those more serious cases, more than just your gym shoe will be recommended. The sooner you seek care, the less likely you are to have lingering problems and instability down the line.