If you see your primary care doctor for aches and pains, he or she may have some suggestions for general remedies or you may be referred to a specialist.  An orthopedist takes care of general bone and joint issues, however a podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist.  As podiatrists, we take care of everything having to do with the foot and ankle, heel pain being one of the most common complaints.  Our training includes not only the anatomy of the foot, but also understanding the biomechanics of the foot and how it works in the gait cycle.  Since we see heel pain on a regular basis, we have tried and true treatment plans to help you.  Our doctors also take your activity level and lifestyle along with your medical history to help control and eradicate the pain. So for heel pain, and make an appointment with one of our doctors right away.  The sooner you are evaluated, the sooner you will be pain free.