While we really can't definitively answer that without seeing you (and most likely taking an X-ray), I can tell you what the cause may be.  The two most common problems are called Hallux Limitus and Hallux Valgus.  Hallux what????

Hallux limitus is a degenerative process of the great toe joint.  This usually causes a bump on the top and is actually a bony spur or extra bone.  

Hallux Valgus is also known as simply a bunion.  The cause of a bunion is more complex, but it the bump is more on the outside of the big toe.  It is actually not much of a 'bump' but the bone is actually moving into an altered position, causing it to look like an extra bone.  

Both problems can only be "fixed" with surgery to address the bony issues.  HOWEVER, many people are excited to find out at their appointment with me that there are several non-surgical options to help with the pain and swelling. These can be good options if it's not the right time in your life for surgery.  

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Dr. Misty McNeill
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