A neutral shoe is best for runners who do not pronate. These shoes are more concerned with midsole cushioning without the added medial support.  The midsole will provide the extra shock absorption needed for the midfoot and support the arch.  Along with a runner who does not overpronate, neutral shoes also work well for midfoot strikers. Though if you are a midfoot striker you may also prefer a more minimalist shoe.

Neutral shoes are a great 'jumping off' point for many runners, from there we can decide how much control or cushion you need and use an insert opr custom orthotic to provide that. 

Running shoes are the one type of shoe that we do not purchase based on how much we like the style or how well it will match our work out clothes.  To find out what works best for your foot type, visit a running store that specializes in shoe fitting.  A local store that we like is The Naperville Running Company

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