An ulcer is a sore, or a break in the skin, that occurs due to increase pressure.  It may occur on a bony prominence, such as a crooked hammer toe, or the shearing of the skin at the bottom of the foot in an area of increased pressure when weight bearing or walking.  In a person without diabetes, the area may form a callus or a corn; however in a diabetic, the skin breaks down further and may cause an opening in the skin, sometimes quite deep.  Often due to the lack of feeling, a patient may not know it is there, and the sore may become very deep, affecting the muscle and bone, and sometimes causing bacteria to ender, resulting in an infection.  It is important for diabetic patients to examine their feet every day and see a podiatrist regularly in order to prevent ulcers from forming.  To read more about diabetes and your feet, click here, or make an appointment with one of our doctors for a thorough exam.  We can help prevent you from acquiring an ulcer, however if you do end up with an ulcer, we can help heal your foot and prevent it from returning.