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What does a stress fracture feel like?


Typical signs and symptoms of a stress fracture is pain when walking.  In cases of a calcaneal (or heel bone) stress fracture, there is pain and achiness when walking, made especially worse if you are walking without shoes and on a hard surface.  Some people even describe it as feeling like a deep bruise.  Stress fractures typically develop over time of increased demand in a bone, whether it be due to increase in activity level or weight gain with sustained activities prior to weight gain.  The stress on the bone becomes greater than it can withstand and the bone begins to develop small micro fractures throughout its core.  There does not need to be a specific incident of injury, but in some instances people do recall the precise time when the pain started and what they may have been doing at that time.

If you think you may have a stress fracture, it is vital to have this condition diagnosed in order to recover quickly.  Make an appointment today and let one of our doctors evaluate you to get you on the road to healing!