Gout is an arthritic condition, and in the foot, it most commonly affects the big toe joint.  And when it comes on, the pain in the big toe is unmistakable.  It has been described as feeling like an volcano erupted in the big toe, or the big toe being on fire.  But the most common complaint is that the big toe cannot tolerate anything touching it, and even the weight of a bed sheet on it is excruciating.  The pain is usually consistent, not dependent on position and hurts even when non weight bearing.  If you think you may me experiencing a gout attack, it is important to call your doctor and there are medications that can be prescribed to help get relief.  And just as important, you must see your podiatrist to help manage symptoms and treatment.  So contact our office to evaluate your bump pain, and if you are in pain, we can help you get rid of it.