When women go to buy dress shoes, it can be confusing because we think that its ok to be in pain as long as we find that perfect pair of shoes.  I don't agree!  You can still have comfortable shoes with these buying tips:

-Go shopping towards the end of the day when gravity and activity have taken a toll on your feet. Your feet may be a little more swollen at the end of the day, and this may effect the size you chose.

-Have your feet measured!  As time goes on, our foot size may become larger.  This is not due to bone growth, but rathe due to ligaments stretching, causing our feet to "grow" in size. 

-Look for a shoe with a rounded toe box.  Those shoes with the pointed or narrow toe boxes will cause discomfort to your toes at the day goes on.

-Make sure the are comfortable in the store!  Don't listen to the sales person who promises they will "stretch out" over time.  If they are tight in the store, they will be tight at home.