Many times, patients say they think they stepped on something and feel that it may be deeply imbedded in the skin at the bottom of the foot. Our doctors recommend you come to the office and have it looked at.   If you can see the foreign body, whether is be a piece of glass or a splinter or some other material, and it is superficial, it is tempting to try to pull it out.  However, this may come with consequences.  For example, you may leave a piece of the foreign body in there, or the instrument you use may not be sterile and can cause an infection. A foreign body that is very deep may need Xray confirmation of its position, and this can be done in the office.  It is important to know that sometimes all materials don't show up on Xray, but if we can see it, we may be able to remove it in the office with sterile instruments and assess if there is a bacterial infection and if so, prescribe oral antibiotics.  However if it is very deep, it is also possible that it may need attention to be surgically removed, and this can be determined if you come in.  If you think you stepped on something but are not sure, it is important to come into the office to be evaluated, and we will come up with a treatment plan.