Especially in the winter months, the bottom of the feet, especially the heels, can get very dry and even appear flaky and cracked.  The skin may break open, and this can cause not only discomfort, but even a bacterial infection.  In order to prevent this, there are a few products that our office carries that contain urea.  Urea is a compound that increases moisture in the skin by dissolving and breaking down the thickened layer of keratin that makes up the skin.  It is available in compounds consisting of 20% urea cream, 30% urea roll on stick,  and 40% urea cream.  It is recommended that the cream is applied to the affected area twice a day.  Our office also carries Prairie Path Moisturizing Foot Cream that does not contain urea. However it does contain Aloe Vera, which helps reduce redness and inflammation and speeds healing, Shea Butter, a powerful emollient that moisturizes dry skin, and Jojoba Oil which soaks deeply into skin and helps create a protective layer.  Whichever you choose, you cannot go wrong with these products to soothe your feet!