Once your child's heel pain has resolved, it is vital to get them into a healthy routine that can prevent this from becoming a problem again.  Because the most common cause of heel pain in children is related to irritation of a growth plate, protecting that growth plate from irritation is the key.  How to do this?  For starters, it is important that children (especially those active in dance or sport) stretch to keep muscles and tendons in the leg loose.  The more a child can work on their flexibility, the less likely it is that the Achilles tendon will pull excessively on that growth plate in the heel.  In addition, while icing was critical to get your child's heel pain to subside, it is a great method to keep the heel from getting overly inflamed from practices and activities.  Icing after practice and games for 10-15 minutes helps to keep inflammation to a minimum.  The less inflammation that builds up throughout a busy week for a child, the less likely they will end up with chronic heel pain again!