Athlete’s foot stems from having an environment (foot) that is favorable for the fungus to grow.  Simple changes you can make at home that can improve your athlete’s foot includes washing the feet well and drying them well (especially between the toes) after showering.  The dryer your feet stay, the better, as fungus favors damp, dark environments.  If your feet tend to sweat a lot, changing your socks 1-2 times during the day and wearing breathable materials also helps to decrease the fungus’ ability to survive.  Other than that, over-the-counter creams are available, such as Lamisil and lotrimin creams.  If your athlete’s foot has caused blistering and open skin or drainage from the skin, it is best to seek professional evaluation before treating this at home.  IF you simply have itchy red toes/feet with some mild scaling skin, try the over-the counter creams and plan to seek professional evaluation if the condition doesn’t improve within 1 week.

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