Plantar fasciitis has a very classic presentation, though it is not the only presentation.  In the most traditional cases of plantar fasciitis, pain typically occurs with the first few steps out of bed.  After ‘warming up’ or carefully walking around the bedroom or house for a few minutes, this pain tends to subside.  Pain is usually present on the bottom of the heel and can feel like a pulling, sharp or stabbing pain.  Usually the pain is localized to the heel and does not extend into the foot.  Walking on hardwood floors or tile tends to make the heels hurt more. It is not uncommon for pain to return after hours of standing, especially if you work standing on hard surfaces or your job requires a lot of walking.  In some cases of plantar fasciitis, heel pain may not be present in the morning and in severe cases people may experience pain which seems to last all day and even linger when not weight bearing or walking.