Most over-the-counter moisturizers are composed of ingredients aimed at restoring moisture through skin, typically with varying formulations of oils and fragrances. Calluses, thick skin is different from dry skin, in that it is the result of your body produces more than usual amounts of skin. There are essentially layers upon layers of keratinized (skin) tissue. The thicker the skin gets, the less likely it is that a regular moisturizer will be able to penetrate through the thick skin or callus and soften the skin.

Don't fret though, there is a simple solution to this problem! While more difficult to find at the local drugstore or target, a special cream containing an important ingredient called urea is very effective is softening and breaking down these calluses and thick skin. Urea is a chemical debrider. What that means is that is debrides or reduces callus build up through use of this ingredient on the skin. It comes in varying strengths, depending upon how severe the callusing is. Another great thing about urea cream is that it is far less risky than using callus shaving tools, as it does not break down or injure the healthy skin underlying the callus.

At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, we have a variety of strengths available and one of our doctors will be able to recommend the right strength for you after a simple office visit. If you have calluses or thick skin that is bothering you, don't delay treatment.  Come and see one of our doctors today!