A podiatrist is a physician and surgeon specializing in all aspects of the foot and ankle.  In our office, we treat pediatric foot pain, corns, calluses, arthritis, infections, dermatological conditions, athletic injuries, diabetes- related foot problems... you name it.  If it has to do with the foot, we have it covered.  We use a combined knowledge of the biomechanics of the foot along with the knowledge of physical therapy, medications, and surgical procedures to treat ailments.  An orthopedist, who may specialize in the foot and ankle, will focus on treating bone related ailments only, not the extensive array that a podiatrist will cover.  So if your problem has to do with the foot and ankle, call us at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle and we can help.  In addition, at your initial evaluation we will do a thorough exam and likely take digital Xrays right here in the office that we can review and set up a treatment plan to help you heal.