We are runners, we push our bodies to run farther, faster, up hills, thus our bodies will ache! What you need to get in tune with is the difference between a good ache (Yeah! I pushed myself out of my comfort zone) and a bad pain (ouch I don't think I want to run again).  It can be difficult to tell, but usually if the pain goes away in a day or two you don't need to be concerned about it.  If the pain sticks around or has a certain timing (say at mile 6 it always starts up or the morning after every run), then it is cause for concern and a trip to your running or sports specialist.  If this pain is in your foot, come on in to PPFAC.  We specialize in foot and ankle care and we understand.  After all, we are RUNNERS too!! 

Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic