As moms ourselves, we know how nerve wracking a trip to the doctors can be for kids (adults too!) especially a new doctor.  Let's face it their frame of reference is the pediatrician, aka shots, or the dentist - not the most pleasant for many of us.  
Taking a few minutes before their appointment to do the following can often lessen their anxiety.
Show them a video from our website. Once they have seen their doctor talking they realize we are pretty nice!
Show them pictures of our office staff. These are also on our website and can help them gain familiarity with the people they will be meeting. 
Let them know that most of what we do is painless. If they are coming in for warts, heel pain, or ,pm any other issues; most of the time there is no pain involved in there care. 
If they are coming in for an ingrown nail, be honest with them. Tell them they may need a shot to numb the toe but it will take 30 seconds and then the rest of the visit will be painless. 
Tell them we are moms too! With 7 kids between us (and one on the way!) we are very gentle and take our time explaining things to our  little patient as well as their parents. 
We promise to do everything we can to make your child's visit as painless and stress free as possible... For kids and parents alike!