When your child has heel pain, it is an indication of a condition that began before they even started limping.  If this pain doesn't improve within 1 week with at home treatments, such as icing and rest, it really should be evaluated by a specialist.  If heel pain treatment is delayed, or if your child 'plays through the pain' it can cause more damage and lead to a chronic condition that then takes even longer to resolve.  When anyone has pain in one part of their body, they compensate for this pain, whether on a conscious or subconscious level (think about when you have a sore tooth and you chew on the other side of your mouth). This means using certain tendons in our bodies more and differently than usual.  It also means putting more weight on one part of the foot more than the other, which can lead to instability, sprains and even fractures.  Even if your child does not injure themselves further from compensating, the rule goes that the longer a condition is present the more difficult it becomes to treat and resolve.

If your child is limping, not acting like themselves or admits that they had an injury, contact our office for an appointment today! Early treatment is the key to getting them back to their old self fast!