We are at the mercy of our genetics, and the same forces that caused your mother or father to have a bunion are probably at work for your too. It may be factors such as the way the biomechanics of your foot operate, the shape of the bones in your foot, and the condition of the intrinsic muscles that cause a bunion.  However there are external forces too that can help the bunion from becoming worse, or better yet, prevent a bunion from forming as quickly.   The doctors at PPFAC will be able to examine your foot, observe your gait, and make suggestions as to how an orthotic, or shoe insert, can allow your foot to stay in a biomechanically neutral position in order for your foot to function in the most biomecanically sound manner.  So just because your mom has bunions, there are ways to work on prevention.  Contact us and make an appointment and find out how.