The answer is yes, different arthridities can show up in the foot, even only one toe, as arthritis.  For example, in osteoarthritis, the big toe is affected where the biomechanics of the foot allow the base of the big toe to rub up against the metatarsal, or the long bone of the foot, causing rubbing and irritation and a "bump" on the top of the foot.  Another example is in psoriatic arthritis, where sometimes only 1 toe, usually a lesser toe such as the 2nd or 3rd or 4th toe, will swell up and look like a "sausage" toe.  A patient would have a history of psoriasis of the skin, and this manifests itself in the joints. In fact, gout is also considered a type of arthritis.  Typically it is a red, hot, swollen joint of the big toe, but it can also be seen in other toes as well.  So if a toe is swollen, it is important to see one of our doctors.  After infection, trauma, or other diagnoses are ruled out, consider a type of arthritis as the cause for a swollen toe.